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1950 Refugee Road
Columbus, Ohio 43207
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About Us

The company was founded in the mid-twenties by Ike (Isaac) Sowalsky at a Parsons Avenue location.   Ike was a street peddler making a living by salvaging whatever parts he could find or barter for. Eventually he focused on buggy parts, carriage parts, and then early automobile parts.

Columbus was at the forefront of the transportation industry. In the 1900’s Columbus was the home of the largest buggy manufacturers of the world. Some of the first automobile manufacturers were located in Ohio.

With the state freeway (I-70) moving across the center of Columbus, the company, with Ike, and his 2 sons, Izzy & Martin, moved east in 1963 to its present location on Refugee Road.
Reliable Truck Parts (RTP) with it’s 5 acre salvage yard sells good used, reconditioned, and new parts to: truck operators, truck repair garages, and companies with their own truck maintenance.
Used parts are a ‘green’ way to repair vehicles.  Many people wonder how the price of a used part can be determined.  There are 4 factors that influence price:  supply, demand, new price, and availability.   Depending upon the application, a part from one make of truck might be one price, while the same part off a different make of truck would be different.
Rebuilt differentials and transmissions are a specialty at RTP with over 100 units in stock.  This helps reduce the trucker’s ‘downtime’ and gets him back on the road.  Frequently, the differential or transmission can be repaired for less than the cost of a rebuilt unit.   A price for repair can be given upon inspection, and usually teardown of the unit, before any work is done.